Drying plants “Spray-Dryer”

Fields of Application

Food in general
Food flavorings and aromas

Dried Products

  • flavors
  • essences
  • milk
  • whey
  • egg whites
  • malt
  • fat
  • suspensions and solutions in general

Features and Advantages

  • Elimination or reduction of the water contained in the product to be treated.
  • Drying through heating produced by convention inside a drying chamber. The direct contact between the hot air stream and the product to be treated, produces the immediate evaporation of the water contained in it.
  • The deriving powders have excellent qualitative characteristics, absence of hygroscopicity, better solubility, reduced volume, excellent shelf life.
  • Very low power consumption.
  • Centralization of all controls in a touch-screen panel.
  • Possible combination with CONCENTRATION PLANTS.
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